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How to import MIDI files


BeatMaker 3 can import MIDI files onto a Bank track within the Song or Scene views. To do so, follow theses steps:

- Open the Song or Scene view, then open the Browser

- Choose Files mode from the Browser toolbar:

- Look for the MIDI file you want to import, then drag & drop it from the Browser onto the desired Bank track within the Song sequencer timeline (or onto an empty slot in Scene mode)

- You will be asked if you want to transpose notes contained in your MIDI file to a specific pad configuration. By default, the assigned pad number matches the MIDI note number (I.e note C-2 is assigned to Pad 1). You can change the default assignment by pressing the TRANSPOSITION MAP button and creating a new map. After entering a new map name, you will have access to the individual note-to-pad mappings. It is also possible to use the General MIDI classic mapping by pressing the “GM” button. These custom MIDI mappings are saved within the “MIDI Import Map Templates” folder.

- When importing a MIDI file containing multiple tracks, each track will be assigned to an individual pad

- If the currently selected pad is set to Keys mode, MIDI notes are only imported on this specific pad (only applies to single track MIDI files)


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