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How to send and receive audio & MIDI between BeatMaker 3 and your macOS computer


BeatMaker 3 supports Inter-device Audio and MIDI (iDAM). This feature can be used to send and receive audio and MIDI between your device (iOS version 11 minimum) and Mac computer (macOS 10.11 El Capitan minimum), using a lightning cable.

First, you need to setup the connection between your device and your computer:

- Connect your device to your computer using a lightning cable

- From your computer, open the “Audio MIDI Setup” application found in the Applications folder, Utilities sub-folder

- For macOS High Sierra and later, your device is shown within the Audio Devices window. Click the “Enable” button below it to pair it with your computer

- For previous macOS versions, within the “Audio MIDI Setup” application, click on the “Window” menu, then on “iOS Device Browser”. A new window appears which should display an icon of your iOS device. Click the “Enable” button to pair it with your computer

- Your computer should now have a new audio input device representing your iPhone/iPad. You can use it as you would with any other input device connected to your computer. For example, you can open your favorite DAW and choose iPad as the input device to record any audio coming out from your iPad

- Your iPad is also now available as a MIDI input and output device on your computer, to send and receive MIDI events to and from it. Within BeatMaker 3, your computer is represented as a new MIDI Input and Output device called “IDAM MIDI HOST”

Important note:

Using the iDAM feature disables your iOS device as a camera connected to your Mac.

To enable Camera mode again, press the “Disable” button from the “iOS Device Browser” window within the “Audio MIDI Setup” application.

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