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How to load/save a session


To load a session, select its name from the Browser list and press the Load Session button.

To save a session, open the Browser and tap on the SAVE` icon located at the top-right corner of the app. If you haven’t saved this session yet, you will be prompted to enter its name. Otherwise a menu appears displaying the following options:

- Quick Save: save the session to the same original file

- Save…: Displays a panel with further saving options:

- Copy samples: include a copy of all the samples used within this session

- Save banks separately: Save a copy of each bank within the session folder

- Save patterns within banks: Include patterns relative to each bank preset created with the above option

When switching between applications or quitting BeatMaker 3, your session is automatically saved to another file: if your session had been saved before, the term “(Auto-saved)” is appended to the original filename. If your session had not been saved yet, it is automatically named to the current date.


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