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How to load/save a bank


To load a bank, select its name from the Browser list and press the Load Bank” button.

This bank will be loaded on the currently selected Bank within your session. You can set the current Bank by using the Bank Selector at the top of the Performance view, or by selecting a Bank Track within the Scene or Song view.

A Bank may also contain patterns. By default, BeatMaker will only load the sound samples included in the Bank. If you want to load the Bank’s patterns, make sure the “Load Patterns” button is set to ON. This feature is located next to the “Load Bank” button at the bottom of the Browser.

To save a bank, open the Performance view or Editor view, and tap on the 3-dots button next to the track selector:

Next, tap on the “Save Bank...” from the menu. You can now choose a name for your Bank, as well as two additional options:

- Copy Samples: If checked, all the samples used in your Bank are also copied

- Save patterns: If checked, patterns associated with this Bank are also saved

- Save location: Choose where your bank preset should be saved to: Same directory” saves to its current location (if the bank has already been saved before), and “Main preset directory” saves it to BeatMaker’s “Bank Presets” folder

To import a BeatMaker 2 preset, please follow this article.

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