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How to load a sample


The simplest way to load a sample is to open the Performance view, then tap and drag the sample from the Browser onto any pad.

You can also select a sample from the Browser, and use the “Load Sample” button located at the bottom.

An extra option is available next to the “Load Sample” button, where you can select how BeatMaker will load the sample to the selected pad:

- Replace any existing samples loaded on the pad

- Add it as a new layer over the pad

- Add it to the existing layer

Tap the “LOAD METHOD” button to switch between these three modes:

If you are working with audio tracks, you can also quickly add an audio file by drag & dropping it from Browser onto an audio track from the Song view, or an empty slot from the Scene view.


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    Is there a way to latch a sample, meaning? Press the pad (not holding it), and it will play and repeat until it is hit again? Or is the only way to do that is set up a pattern?