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How to convert your song into an audio file


You can export your song or tracks to a single audio file, playable in most devices such as a computer, mobile phone or portable media player. Open the Browser and tap the “EXPORT” button on the top-right corner to open the Export screen.

There are several options you can choose from to create an audio file from the current session:

Audio export: Select MASTER if you want to export all your tracks into an audio file. When choosing TRACKS mode, a track/pad selector appears. In this case only the selected tracks or pads will be exported to the audio file.

Export zone: Select the starting point within the song and the duration in bars to be exported. Use the “SONG” and “LOOP” buttons to set the values to the song and loop markers respectively.

File export options: Choose whether the resulting audio should be in WAVE format (uncompressed) or AAC format (compressed). You can also select the bit resolution and to normalize the audio file (i.e. the greatest audio peak will reach 0dB, or maximum volume). For your information, a CD quality audio file is WAVE and 16 bits.

When you are ready, tap the “START EXPORT” button. Once exporting is done, BeatMaker will let you know the location of your newly created audio file. Additionally, press the “SHARE” button to transfer your exported song to another device, app, etc...



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