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How to record a sample onto a pad


BeatMaker makes it easy to record samples on the fly and apply them onto pads. You can record from your device microphone or from the inputs of an external sound card. Resampling is also possible: you can record anything currently playing within the app: a bank, aux track or any pad.

To open the audio recorder, go to the Editor view and select a pad, then press the REC button:

The following dialog opens:

First tap on “RECORDING SOURCE” to select where the app is going to record audio from. A menu appears with two options:

HARDWARE INPUT: Displays all the available hardware inputs for your device (microphones, external sound card inputs…)

INTERNAL: Select this if you want to resample audio coming from within BeatMaker. This can be a specific bank, auxiliary track or pad.

Next we can define which pad we’re going to record to by setting the DESTINATION PAD. By default, it is the currently selected pad. You can also set “MOVE TO NEXT PAD” to ON if you want to record onto severals pads in a row: when you are done recording on a pad, it will automatically set the DESTINATION PAD to the next one.

There are two “RECORD MODES” you can choose from:

THRESHOLD: when enabled, recording will only start whenever an audio signal with a volume greater than the THRESHOLD value is captured. The value meter on the right can help you know the current amount of signal being captured.

SYNC: Recording starts in sync when BeatMaker’s sequencer reaches the next bar. The LENGTH parameter can be set to automatically stop the recording after a certain number of bars has been reached (or set it to FREE to stop the recording manually).

You can also control the sequencer playing in the background using the play and stop buttons (useful when recording in SYNC mode).

Finally to begin with your recording, press the “START” button.

Depending on the RECORD MODE you selected, BeatMaker will either display WAITING (the record awaits for the specified signal threshold or for the sequencer to reach the next bar) or RECORDING. Press this button again at any time to stop the recording.

After you are done, you can close the Audio recorder. Any recording you made is now available for you to further edit or slice it.


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    Rob Anderson

    I recorded a sample for pad 1 in a set. It was easy. (once I found that "editor view" is the tab with the little squiggle icon, which does look a bit like a drum sample graph, once you have seen one; also, don't hid the track record red dot by mistake, hit the sample record red dot below it on the editor tab)

    Then I recorded a sample for pad 2. The sample that was on pad 1 is "gone" (?), and both pad 1 & 2 play the new sample??? Where did the previous sample on pad 1 go?

    BeatMaker is really cool when it works, but it frequently does inexplicable things. I've *programming* computers for over 30 years, but it's often hard to guess somebody else's choice of icons and assignments :-)

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    Also have problems with this feature. Please guys make it stable.
    And add some modulation possibilities for internal and external plugins. Otherwise it’s a brilliant app!