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How to record audio from a plugin or app into BeatMaker


You can record the audio output from a plugin or app into a sample. It is then automatically loaded onto a pad, ready to be triggered, further processed or sliced.

From within the Plugin Control View, the audio recording parameters are located on the left side of the virtual keyboard:

DEST PAD: Defines the pad where the recorded sample will be loaded to. By default, it is set to the same pad where your plugin or app is loaded.

MOVE TO NEXT PAD: Set to ON if you want to record onto severals pads in a row: when you are done recording on a pad, it will automatically set the DEST PAD to the next one.

THRESHOLD: Recording will only start whenever an audio signal with a volume greater than the THRESHOLD value is captured. The value meter on the left can help you know the current amount of signal being captured.

To begin recording, press the “START” button. You can then use the virtual keyboard or open back your external app and play within it. Once you are done recording, press the “RECORDING” button again.

You can now close the Plugin Control View: your recording is now loaded onto the pad, set previously by the DEST PAD parameter.

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    Till W

    Is there a way to set the recording length? For example, if I want to record a few 4 bar loops in a row.