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How to record automations from an Audio Units plugin into BeatMaker


You can record automation for Audio Units plugins the same way you would do for an internal BeatMaker parameter.

From within the Plugin Control View:

- Make sure the RECORDING AUTOMATIONS” option is set to ON within the automation panel. To open the automation panel, press the “A” button from the Transport toolbar:

- Select the pattern you want to record the automation to by tapping the Pattern preview area

- Tap the record icon from the Transport toolbar to start the recording and playback of the sequencer

- From your plugin screen, move the parameters (knobs, faders…) for which you want to record automation

- Automation has now been recorded to your pattern, ready to be played back. To manually edit your automation, open your pattern within the Pattern Editor, then tap the “PATTERN AUTOMATIONS” button at the bottom-right corner of the screen.


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