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How to use an external MIDI controller


You can use an external MIDI device to control BeatMaker’s instruments and interface. To do so, please follow these steps:

1. Close BeatMaker if it is already open

2. Connect your USB MIDI controller to your device using the Apple Camera Connection Kit. If your MIDI controller draws too much power, you may need to plug it to an external supply. You may also try to connect it first to a USB hub that has an external power supply, and then connect the hub to your device

3. Open the BeatMaker app

Now we need to configure which parts of the interface (such as pads, macro controls, bank selector and transport) are going to be controlled by your MIDI controller. These are called focus actions.

4. Open the Browser if needed and press the Settings button:

5. Press the “MIDI FOCUS ACTIONS button from the Settings panel, then press “Auto Learn” at the bottom of the page:

For each action in the “FOCUS ACTION” list, you can assign a key or control from your controller. We start with the first action, which is triggering the first pad from the current bank.

6. Tap the first pad or key from your MIDI controller: it is now automatically assigned to BeatMaker’s first pad from the Performance view

7. BeatMaker has selected the next action “TRIGGER PAD 2” automatically. Press the second pad or key from your controller to assign it

8. Repeat the same procedure for all the pads/keys you want to assign to BeatMaker interface (if you want to assign more than 16 pads, tap the “64 PADS DEVICE” button at the top of the page to extend the list to 64 pads)

9. Assign any other external controls to BeatMaker actions (such as knobs or faders to the Macro controls, or buttons to Transport controls, etc)

Note: You can use the “SKIP” button to go to the next focus action, leaving the current one without assignment. Make sure to press the “STOP LEARN” button when you are done.

You can also setup your MIDI keyboard or controller without assigning each control individually. For more information on doing so, please refer to this article.

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    Toms Ezerietis

    Hi. Is it possible to MIDI map more than just 8 knobs on my controller to each Macro control? I really like the new Focus Action idea, but I liked more as it was in beatmaker 2 where I can map everything to everything I want.

    Overall Beatmaker 3 is a beast! Thanks.