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How to control several parameters with one Macro knob


Most parameters available within BeatMaker can be assigned to a Macro knob, including:

- Editor, sampler and modulation parameters

- Plugins parameters (by using the “Show AU Knobs” mode from the plugin view)

- Mixer controls

- Any effect parameter

When you see a parameter you would like to assign to a Macro, simply double-tap on its knob control. A menu similar to this one appears:

Press the “MACRO CONTROLS” item from the menu to display the macros list, then press the macro control you’d like to assign the parameter to:

The text displayed next to a macro name is the first parameter that was assigned to it.

You can repeat this same procedure for any number of parameters and assign them to one or several macro controls. At any time open the Macro panel to try out how your macro is modifying your sound.

To remove a parameter from a Macro knob, double-tap on the parameter and choose “UNBIND MACRO” from the menu.

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