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How to record a pattern


You can either record a pattern directly on the song timeline or on a scene.

First, let’s take the example of recording a pattern on a scene, such as it automatically repeats itself during playback:

- From the Performance view, select the bank you want to record a pattern for, and tap the Track helper button located at the top-left corner of the app (make sure the browser is closed, otherwise the Track helper button will not be visible)

- Tap the “CREATE PATTERN” button at the bottom of the menu to add a new empty pattern. This pattern is added to the list and is set as the working pattern, ready to be recorded. The default pattern size is one bar, you can change it by pressing the 3-dots button next to its name and change the DURATION parameter

- Tap the record icon from the Transport toolbar to launch the recording. The metronome is activated and a pre-roll (countdown) of one bar is played before the recording begins. You can change the pre-roll value by tapping the Quantize (1/16) button from the Transport toolbar

- Once the pre-roll is over, you can start playing on the pads or keys from the Performance view to record events – or use your external MIDI controllers

- The pattern is looped automatically, so you can record over it several times in a row. Once you are done recording, press the stop icon from the Transport toolbar. If you wish you can now open the Sequencer view and add it to a Scene or to the song timeline


You can also record a pattern directly onto the song timeline:

- Select a track from the Song view. Make sure your track is set to Song mode (Track helper is displaying “PLAYING SONG”). If not, open the Track helper menu and tap the “PLAY SONG” button, or press the small play icon at the end of the track timeline.

- Place the playback cursor in the Song view to the desired position

- Press the record icon from the Transport toolbar to start the recording. Use the Performance view pad and keys interface or an external MIDI controller.

- Once you are done, tap the stop icon from the Transport toolbar. A pattern has been created and added to the song sequencer, with a duration equal to the one of your recording


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