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How to record parameter changes (automations)


Most parameters within BeatMaker can be automated. For example, you can control the volume of a target track or pad at a specific location in your song. Usually, when you see a knob control anywhere within the interface, it can be automated.

- To enable the recording of automations, first press the following icon from the transport toolbar:

- Set “RECORDING AUTOMATIONS” to ON by tapping it in the displayed menu:

- Press the record icon from the transport to start recording. Now you can go and move any parameter from within the Editor, Mixer and Effects views: the parameter change values are recorded at the current playing position within the song sequencer

- Press the stop icon from the transport to quit recording. Make sure to set “RECORDING AUTOMATIONS” to OFF if you do not with to record further automations

When recording an automation by changing a parameter within the interface, it will disable the playback of any previously recorded automation for this specific parameter. When stopping the recording, the playback of said automation is resumed as normal. However, you can change this behavior when the sequencer is looping on a specific section by enabling or disabling the “RE-ENABLE ON LOOP” feature. When set to ON, automations playback are resumed after looping. If set to OFF, playback is not resumed and any previously recorded automation will be overwritten.

The “QUANTIZE SYNC” option from the automation menu allows you to quantize the recorded value-change events to a specific bar division. By default, it is set to 1/64th of a bar.


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