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HOWTO: Stretching a loop to match tempo


BeatMaker 2 audio editor is able to time-stretch samples to a specific tempo, without affecting the actual pitch/notes on the loop.

It is very useful if you want to make a loop match your project tempo, or, any other loop.
To time-strech a sample to the project tempo:

1. Bring the studio screen and press the sample editor button (small waveform) on the upper toolbar.
2. Open a loop sample
3. Press the tempo/signature button on the bottom toolbar, adjust the tempo using BPM or by selecting a number of bars. Press "DONE"
4. Press the "PROCESS" button on the bottom right, select "TIME STRETCH"
5. Either set the destination tempo or use "SONG TEMPO" if you have already set it
6. Select "COMPLEX", for melodic loops; "DRUMS" for drum loops; "MONO TIMBRAL" for mono instruments.
7. Press "PROCESS", 'save' or 'save as' and exit the wave editor, then proceed to loading the sample.

You can also take a look at our stretching tutorial video here:

More details in the user's manual: ... Manual.pdf

Likewise, you can change the tune of a sample without affecting its tempo/duration by using the PITCH SHIFT function of the audio editor. Note that you can time-stretch and pitch-shift using the TIME STRETCH processor.

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