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HOWTO: Synchronizing 2 devices with Bluetooth and WIST


"WIST (Wireless Sync-Start Technology) is Korg's innovative technology which allows for wireless sync-start between two WIST-compatible apps on two iPads and/or iPhones located near each other. You can now sync with your friend's device to create a dynamic live performance using two compatible apps."

BeatMaker 2 can synchronize and be synchronized with other WIST-enabled apps over Bluetooth. The list of WIST-enabled apps and more information is availble at:

To enable WIST:
1. Ensure both your devices have bluetooth turned on
2. In BeatMaker 2, bring the studio pop-up and press the "i" button on top
3. Press the WIST button.


  • If you want BeatMaker 2 to be the MASTER (will control playback and send tempo information), connect the other device to the device running BeatMaker 2.
  • If you want BeatMaker 2 to be the SLAVE (will receive tempo information and react to playback start/stop messages), select the destination device from the list and connect to it.

We have a video tutorial on YouTube showcasing BeatMaker 2 / Korg iMS-20 interaction:

WIST is a trademark and software of KORG INC.

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