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HOWTO: Transfering files from/to your computer via File Transfer (FTP)


BeatMaker 2 allows you to upload your own files over WiFi, using the File Transfer feature.

You can import:

  • Samples as WAV/AIFF, 8 to 32-bits resolution, mono/stereo, 8kHz-192kHz, PCM/float
  • MIDI files (.mid)
  • BeatMaker 1 BMKZ kits and projects (.bm, .bms)
  • All beatmaker 2 files such as presets (.bmk2), projects (.bm2), MIDI templates (.bmt), etc.

Likewise, you can retrieve all files stored in the "My Content" BeatMaker 2 directory.
To do that, you'll need to install a FTP client (File Transfer Protocol) on your laptop or desktop computer.

Here are some freeware FTP clients you can download for MacOS X and Windows:

MacOS X:


To be able to use this feature correctly, you first need to have both your computer and your device connected to the same WiFi network. Please refer to the iPhone/iPod/iPad documentation and to your computer’s Operating System manual for more information on connecting to your WiFi network.

1. Launch your FTP client on your computer.
2. In BeatMaker 2, on the studio pop-up press the small computer/device with a WiFi icon
3. Choose "FILE TRANFER"
4. On your FTP client, enter the IP in "host" or "IP" setting; Port is always 3131
5. Enter the login and password as displayed in BeatMaker 2, and connect.
6. Exchange files

NOTE: On Mac OS X, BeatMaker 2 FTP server will be visible via Bonjour. Check your FTP client documentation for more information about this feature.

A more detailed tutorial is available in the user's manual, available at: ... Manual.pdf

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