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HOWTO: Background apps (MIDI, audio)


You can use BeatMaker 2 to send MIDI to other music apps running in the background.
This is a great way to sequence and control other synthesizers, samplers with BeatMaker 2.

Most recent music apps support background audio and MIDI input.
In this small guide, we'll control Sunrizer ( ... 63267?mt=8):

  • In Sunrizer, activate background audio (upper left button) 'AUDIO BKG'
  • In BeatMaker 2, press the "i" button on the studio, then MIDI SETUP, and toggle MIDI "OUT"
  • In BeatMaker 2, create an empty keyboard instrument, and start playing

iOS Musician has a video showcasing the background MIDI features of music apps.
It's available here:

(Minimum requirements: iOS 4.3)

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