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HOWTO: Crossfading samples and creating new keyboard presets


This small guide will help you go through cross-fading a sample and keyboard sampler triggering mode to create your own custom presets, from audio recording or existing files.

Cross-fade is used whenever you need to loop part of a sample, so it seamlessly repeats, with no audio "gaps" or unwanted artifacts. This is particularly useful when you have, say, sampled a synthesizer, and want to loop part of the sample while the note is sustained.

In the wave editor, select part of the sample you wish to loop (typically, after the initial attack, and before the release). The cross-fade processing will take an amount of sound, just before the loop start, and mix it with the loop tail.

For example, with a 500ms cross-fade, 500ms of audio before loop start will be faded-in with the last 500ms of the loop tail, where this portion will be faded-out.
That's why you can't cross-fade directly from the start of the sample, as you need some audio samples to mix with the loop tail.

The higher you set the cross-fade time, the smoother the transition will be.
You can create very unique sounds, drones, background loops, and of course it's useful for looping sampled instruments (synth, keys, etc.).

Now, create a new keyboard sampler instrument. Don't load anything to create an empty preset. Go to the SETTINGS page, then MAPPING. Create a new zone and load the cross-faded sample. Ensure HOLD+LOOP mode is active for the zone. Go back to the MODE screen, and play with the volume envelope parameters.

Don't forget to save your preset with "COPY SAMPLES" enabled! This way, you can send your presets to your friends or on your computer or dropbox account for backup purposes.

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