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HOWTO: Controlling Ableton Live with BeatMaker 2 on Mac OS X


BeatMaker 2 allows you to output MIDI messages such as playback message, MIDI notes and CC, and MIDI clocks. That means you can use it as a master MIDI sequencer.

In this example, we'll demonstrate how BeatMaker 2 can be connected via MIDI-over-WiFi in Mac OS X, to control Ableton Live.

Ensure your device is connected on the same WiFi network as your computer, and that BeatMaker 2 is already running. We recommend using at least iOS 5.0.

Mac OS X setup:
1. In Applications, open the Utilities directory, where you will find Audio MIDI Setup.
2. Launch it and bring the MIDI setup window (Window menu). Double-click the Network item.
3. From here, you should see your device in the Directory menu. Select it and press Connect


A word about latency

We suggest to configure a MIDI latency in both BeatMaker 2 and the OSX MIDI setup panel, to get the best results.

In BeatMaker 2, press the gear "settings" button on the studio, then press MIDI SETUP. Set the MIDI buffer latency

to a value between 10 and 100ms (or more), depending on the quality of your WiFi network.




There is no magic value that would work for every setup, but usually, 50ms seems to work in most cases.

On the OSX Network MIDI connection panel above, you can see that the latency has been set to 50 ms.

Enter the same value set in BeatMaker 2 in the under Latency adj. text box.


Now, let's configure our desktop DAW.

Ableton Live setup:
1. Go to Live preferences and open the "MIDI Sync" tab
2. Unfold "Input: Network (Session 1)
3. Enable TRACK & SYNC options


BeatMaker 2 setup
1. In the studio pop-up, press the gear "settings" button, then press MIDI SETUP.
3. Configure MIDI on your instruments as your liking!

Now, Ableton Live will receive MIDI notes, play/pause/stop messages, and will be in sync with BeatMaker 2 tempo.

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