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HOWTO: Removing the "Recording" red bar / Exiting BeatMaker 2 / Restoring iOS system sounds


By default, when minimizing or switching apps, BeatMaker 2 will still run in background.

iOS will display a red bar on top of the screen so you can see which app is currently using the audio recording interface:



This does not means BeatMaker 2 is currently recording any audio or MIDI. To get rid of the bar, you will need to exit BeatMaker 2.

To proceed, follow these steps:

  • Double tap the Home button on your device
  • Find BeatMaker 2 and swipe it up

BeatMaker 2 will exit, your work will be saved. To restore it, relaunch BeatMaker 2 and select "LAST SESSION".

If you want to disable background mode, you can disable it via the iOS Setting Apps. Scroll to find the BeatMaker 2 settings.

There, switch Background Mode to OFF.

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