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HOWTO: Controlling multiple instruments from one MIDI device


You can control multiple BeatMaker 2 instruments (drum and keyboard samplers) from one MIDI controller.

You need at least iOS 4.3, and iPad, a Camera Connection Kit ( and a compatible MIDI controller. See for compatible devices.

1. Connect the MIDI controller USB cable to the camera kit, plug the camera kit to the iPad.
2. Launch BeatMaker 2, press the "i" button on the studio pop-up, go to MIDI SETUP and ensure you see your controller. If not, try pressing the RESTART button.
3. Disable OMNI mode via the sequencer transport bar
4. Create your instruments
5. Setup each instrument to listen from the same MIDI Channel using the "MIDI" button on the studio pop-up.
6. Then, map samples as your liking in the drum machine and keyboard sampler

Hint: Each pad displays the Bank Number, Pad Number and more importantly, MIDI Note.
Hint 2: Map your samples on the keyboard sampler using the mapping editor (in the screen)

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