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HOWTO: Converting BeatMaker 2 project files to WAV/MP3


The BeatMaker 2 project and preset file don't contain any audio. They save instruments configuration and sequencer data, and therefore are not readable with a media player, such as iTunes or Windows Media Player. You need to export your project as an audio file first.

1. Load your project in BeatMaker 2 and go to the Sequencer screen
2. On the bottom toolbar you'll see an "EXPORT" button. Hit it, select "TO AUDIO FILE", configure the export (default values should be OK), and hit "EXPORT".
3. The browser will open up, hit "SAVE" and enter a filename.
4. Transfer the audio file using File Transfer (FTP), SoundCloud, DropBox, etc.

Once transfered, WAVE (or AIFF) files can be compressed to MP3, AAC, etc.
Most media players, such as iTunes, allows you to compress audio files.

Check the manual for more information about exporting and exchanging files: ... Manual.pdf

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