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Importing, Exporting and Sharing Files


Several methods are available to transfer your files (such as samples, sessions, presets…) from and to BeatMaker:

- Using iTunes on your computer (File Sharing mode)

- An iCloud account

- A Dropbox account

- From the Music Library of your device

- AirDrop and other iOS apps

- Using the Files iOS app


1. Importing files from your computer using iTunes

You can transfer files from and to your computer using the iTunes application. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes

2. Click your device icon within iTunes

3. Now that your are on your device iTunes page, click the “Apps” item from the left menu, then scroll down until you see the “File Sharing” options

4. From the Apps list, click on “BeatMaker 3”. The right panel now displays the list of files from BeatMaker 3 on your device

5. Drag & drop the files and directories you’d like to import to the right-panel file list. Files are now transferred into BeatMaker

6. If you want to transfer files from your device to your computer, you can drag & drop them from the right-panel file list onto your computer desktop or file manager

2. Importing from your Music Library

Songs from your device’s Music Library can be imported into BeatMaker and used in your session:

1. Open the Browser by tapping the button on the top-left corner

2. Press the Files icon:

3. At the bottom-right of the app, press the “Music Library” button:

4. You can now browse through your music library as usual (by Artists, Albums, Songs…). Tap on any number of songs to select then for importation. When you are done, press the “OK” button at the top-right corner of the screen

5. Your songs are now being imported into BeatMaker. A message will pop-up you when the import finishes: your songs are now available in the “Samples” directory, and can be used within BeatMaker as any other audio file

3. Using Dropbox

You can allow BeatMaker to access and store files from your Dropbox account easily:

1. Open the Browser by tapping the button on the top-left corner:

2. Press the Files icon:

3. Press the Dropbox button at the bottom-right of the app:

4. A Dropbox login screen appears. You will first need to allow BeatMaker to access your account by filling in your Dropbox login information

5. You can notice that the Browser now contains a second panel on the right, which displays the content of your Dropbox account. You can browser within your BeatMaker and Dropbox files as usual

6. To download a file from your Dropbox to BeatMaker, select a file from the right-panel and press the “Download” button at the bottom. Your file is now being transferred to the curren directory displayed within the left-panel

7. To upload a file to your Dropbox account, select any file from the left-panel and press the “Upload” button. This file is now transferred to the current directory displayed within the right-panel

4. Using iCloud

Files stored on your iCloud account can be download to BeatMaker:

1. Open the Browser by tapping the button on the top-left corner:

2. Press the iCloud button at the bottom-right of the app:

3. If you hadn’t connected your iCloud account to your device before, you will be asked for your iCloud login details. On iOS 10, you also need to have iCloud Drive enabled. You can access iCloud’s parameters from the Settings app on your device

4. Once you are connected, the content of your iCloud account is displayed. To download any file from your iCloud to BeatMaker, simply tap on it. When importing is done, the file is available within the “Imports” directory

5. To upload a file from BeatMaker to your iCloud, please follow the next chapter

5. Sharing files to other apps or using AirDrop

Sessions, banks, audio samples and any file from BeatMaker can be shared to compatible apps (such as Mail and Notes) or using AirDrop. You can also use this method to upload files to your iCloud Drive account:

1. Open the Browser by tapping the button on the top-left corner:

2. Select a file, session or preset from the list, then press the “Share” button from the bottom-right corner:

3. The iOS sharing panel appears, where you can choose to transfer your file using AirDrop, or add it to your iCloud Drive or to any app that supports file sharing

6. Using the Files iOS app

BeatMaker 3 supports the Files app available sin`ce iOS version 11. You can use it to manage, copy, share and edit all files located within BeatMaker the same way as with any other app supporting the Files app. For more information on using it, please refer to Apple’s documentation:



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