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This view provides a global interface to control all banks, pads and auxiliary tracks at the same time. The parameters that can be set within the Mixer view are:

- Volume

- Panning (stereo image)

- Mute and Solo

- Send amount to auxiliary tracks

- Audio inputs and outputs

 Quick links :

- How to use Sends and AUX tracks to share effects between different tracks/pads

1. Overview

Tap the Mixer icon from the main left toolbar to open it:

By default, the mixer displays the main output track, as well banks, audio and auxiliary tracks:

VU meters provides information on the volume of the signal coming out from each track. It also indicates peak levels: the maximum volume that has reached the track output so far. If the peak value becomes red, it means the output signal is too loud: you may want to lower the volume of this track by moving down its colored fader. You can then tap the red peak value to reset it.

You can add new bank, audio and auxiliary tracks by pressing the “Add Track” button from the bottom toolbar.

Press the 3-dots icon at the bottom-right corner of the Mixer View to change mixer display options:

USE CLASSIC COLORS: Set to ON to use green and red for the VU-meters display instead of the Bank colors

METERING MOE: Set the VU-meters to either PEAK or RMS mode

CHANNEL SIZE: choose between small and large sizes for mixer channel strips

2. Controlling individual bank pads

Each pad/instrument from a Bank can be controlled within the Mixer view: double-tap on the Bank name at the top of the mixer, or select a bank track and press the “Pads” button located at the bottom toolbar. The Bank mixer unfolds, displaying controls for every pad in use:

Tip: You can double-tap on any pad name to trigger a note from within the Mixer view.

To go back to the global mixer view, press the “Pads” button or double-tap on the Bank name.

3. Setting audio inputs and outputs

Tap the “I/O” button from the bottom toolbar to display the input and output configuration for each track.

If you connected an external sound card which supports multiple outputs, you can direct the signal coming out from each track to these outputs. To do so, press the “Output” button from any track to display the “Select output” menu:

Audio tracks have the ability to record from an internal or external source. To select where you want to record from, tap the “Input” button on an audio track. The “Select input” menu is displayed:

Audio inputs can be of two types:

HARDWARE INPUT: Displays all the available hardware inputs for your `device (microphones, external sound card inputs…)

INTERNAL: Select this if you want to resample audio coming from within BeatMaker. This can be any specific bank, audio track, auxiliary track or pad.

Tip: Double-tap an audio track name to enable recording on this track



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