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Making a backup of your content using iOS


Apple introduced with iOS11, which lets you manage local and remote files directly from your iPad.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to backup your content to iCloud / Dropbox using

Making regular backups of your work is a good way to keep your content somewhere safe, so you can re-import it easily on another device or after reinstalling! 

Note: When you plan to save bank presets and sessions for sharing, you should use the "Copy Samples" option offered when saving banks / sessions. This way, every sample will be bundled along the bank / session file.


Step 1

Open from the dock:


 Then, press "On my iPad" on the left:



Step 2

Select BeatMaker 3 from the list, now you will see all the content from within the BeatMaker 3 app installation.




Step 3

Press "Select" on the top right, select the content you want to backup. Usually, you would want to  save Sessions, Bank Presets and Samples. Keep in mind those folders can be pretty big, so select just what you want to backup.

Tip: You can use BeatMaker 3 "Archive" function in the browser "Files" mode to create ZIP archives easily.




Step 4

From here, press the "Duplicate" button on the bottom toolbar. will make a copy of your selection and append a "2" to the directory names. This is expected behavior. 





Step 5

Now, select the duplicated directories/files (ending with a "2") by pressing once again "Select' on the top right once again. This time, we'll move the duplicates away from the BeatMaker 3 directory, simply press the "Move" button on the bottom toolbar: 





A new pop-up will appear to let you choose the destination. Select your favorite cloud service, or another local directory on your iPad:




Step 6

Good job! Your selection is now backed up. It's always a good idea to double-check what copied for you. Simply navigate where you saved the data and make sure everything looks identical.


Step 7

To re-import that content in BeatMaker 3, you can either directly use our Dropbox feature if you saved it there (in Files mode of the browser, you will see the Dropbox button), or use the "Files" button on the bottom right toolbar of the BeatMaker 3 browser:





Done ! 🙌

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