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How to use MIDI Audio Units plugins


Some Audio Units plugins have the capability to generate MIDI information (notes, control changes…) that can be used to control BeatMaker 3 pads and instruments.

As of version BeatMaker 3.0.11, "MIDI Only" Audio Units plugins are considered MIDI Effects.

You can load & chain MIDI Effects on a Bank or a Pad just like you would for insert effects for the audio signal.

Incoming events will then be processed through the MIDI effect chain which will produce new event data to be interpreted by the current Bank or Pad it was set on.

In the following example we will load a MIDI Audio Units plugin and use it to control a Bank:

- Open the "MIDI FX" tab at the bottom left hand side


- Select one of your previously installed MIDI Audio Unit plugins.

NB: If the Bank is in "KEYS" mode, events will be sent to the currently selected Pad

image.png image.png
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