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How to control an Audio Units plugin or external application


Each pad can control an Audio Units plugin, or an external iOS app which supports Inter-App Audio or Audiobus protocols.

To load a plugin or an app, go to the Editor view, select a pad and press the PLUGIN tab at the top-right corner of the editor. The plugin selection menu is displayed:

Tip: alternatively, you can also load a plugin from the Browser’s “PLUGINS” page by drag & dropping it onto a pad within the Performance view.

Select which type of plugin or app you want to load: the menu is then automatically filled with compatible installed plugins and apps on your device. Tap on the “Load” button next to any plugin or app to load it.

Once the plugin or app is loaded, tap anywhere in the PLUGIN view to open the Plugin Control View:

Audio and MIDI connections are now made between BeatMaker and your plugin. If the plugin supports MIDI input, you can now control it using BeatMaker’s virtual keyboard or Performance view.

Audio Units plugins share their screen with BeatMaker, whereas IAA and AudioBus work as any other iOS applications. To open an IAA/Audiobus app screen from BeatMaker, tap on its icon located above the virtual keyboard. You can also manually configure the MIDI connection to IAA and Audiobus applications by pressing the “MIDI SETUP” located on the Plugin page and keyboard-split view.

For more information on using MIDI Audio Units plugins, please refer to this article.

For imore nformation on how to record from a plugin or external app, please follow this article.

Important note on saving plugins and external apps presets:

Audio Units parameters and presets are automatically saved within BeatMaker sessions and banks. However, IAA and Audiobus apps manage their configuration on their own. When saving your BeatMaker session, you also need to save within external apps any configuration/preset you’ve made. Likewise, when loading a BeatMaker session that uses external apps, make sure you recall their previous configuration manually.



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    Goldie Maanu

    Is it possible to record audio from another app, for example bias fx, with audiobus? I can't find a way to route the audio to the audio track.

  • Avatar
    Neon Taylor
  • Avatar
    Goldie Maanu

    Hi Neon, thanks for getting back to me. I'm comfortable with recording to audio tracks, but this still doesn't provide options for audiobus input. I can see bm3 in audiobus as an output, but can't get the audio to flow through.

  • Avatar
    Neon Taylor

    Trust me I understand your frustration, I'm more comfortable with audio track as well but it seems with this beatmaker you have to record what sound you want into the sampler then, chop and fix the tempo assign it to a pad and loop it basically. It's more steps but should work just fine. This should help

    Edited by Neon Taylor
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    I was able to get this to work, but when I touch the pad, it's also triggering a note on the IAA, in addition to what I recorded. How do I get it so it only plays the sample, and doesn't trigger a note, as well?

  • Avatar
    William E.

    I currently have a problem with using IAA apps. But I'm also running on iOS 11 Public Beta 2 right now.
    It shows me a list of all my IAA Instruments - but all have the same "default" white install Apple Icon. And most of them don't respong to midi from within Beatmaker 3 - and don't Show up correctly in the Plugin Control View.
    Is this a iOS Beta Bug and will get sorted out until the official release. Or is it a genuine Beatmaker 3 Bug.
    thanks in advance

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    Joseph Guisti

    The inability to record from audiobus was a big misstep on Intua's part. I'm sure they'll fix it soon (?)

    I have a workaround for now:
    I use a new blank pad and set the pad to use an external app. Then I create a new audio track and set it to record from "internal" and choose that pad as the source.
    If, I want to record audiobus audio with effects on it instead of a synth app or whatever, I simply set that first dummy pad to contain a general audiobus device. Seems to work.