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This article explains how BeatMaker deals with your songs, sounds and files. It is important to understand the different file types BeatMaker uses.

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1. BeatMaker file types

BeatMaker uses several file formats to store or group information:

Session :a session compiles most of the information contained in the application at a given time: the song (sequences), banks, patterns, effects, macro controls… When you are working on a full project or song, you should save your session.

Bank (preset): a bank is a group of sounds and patterns. It usually represents a coherent instrument, such as a drum kit, bass, guitar, synthesizer…

Sample : a sample represents one audio file or sound.

Pack : Packs are a set of banks and samples, easily downloadable from within the application to expand your sound palette. See “How to obtain new sounds and samples packs”

2. Using the Browser

The Browser is the central place where you can access all your sessions, banks, samples, packs and files in general. To open it, tap the following button on the top-left corner:


You can browse through all your sessions, banks and samples by using the default Find mode, represented by this icon:

Using the Library mode, BeatMaker shows either your Sessions, Banks, Samples or Plugins. You can change which file type you want to browse by tapping the corresponding text in the toolbar:

The displayed sessions, banks and samples can also be filtered by Pack or Category/Sub-category (such as “Drums”, “Guitar”, …) by toggling their respective button:

HINT: You can also browse through all your files and folders within the BeatMaker application by tapping this icon:

For more information on using the browser, please refer to the following articles:


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